About Holy Angels' Convent School

Holy Angels’ Convent School, Bharuch, Established in 1963 is Catholic minority Educational Institution recognized by the Dept. of Education, Gujarat State. It was managed by the Sisters of the Society of the Daughters of the Cross, from 1963-1987. From 1987 it was taken over by the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Ann of Providence, founded in Turin (Italy) in the year 1834 by a couple Marquis and Marchioness of Barolo-which has its Generalate in Rome, Italy.

The Congregation having its houses in Italy, India, United States of America, Switzerland, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Philippines and Cameroon fulfils its mission of Christian formation of young children at the same time renders other charitable services like health care, social work etc.

The School imparts instruction to students from Kindergarten to Std. XI in English Medium. This year [2011-2012] The Management has opened class XI [Commerce] and is recognized by the Gujarat board of Education.

In India it has several schools in Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Uttaranchal, also an Autonomous University and a number of colleges in India.

Aims and Objectives

We draw our inspiration from Jesus Christ who loves the children very much and wills the total development of every person and also from St. Ann, the patroness of this school. Though school is primarily meant to provide Catholic Children with sound education based on religious and moral values, still other pupils may also be admitted with due respect to their religious feelings and freedom of conscience. Religious instruction is given to the Christian students whereas value education is imparted to the Non - Christian students.

Discipline, regular and hand work are insisted upon not for the sake of external formality but for the right formation of character of students which is the chief aim of our Institution. Thus we strive to mould the personality of each and every student to be worthy citizens of tomorrow.


The School Motto: Love Serves

A motto is a rule of life adopted by a family or an institution for its inspiration. ‘Love Serves’ is the maxim adopted by Holy Angels’ Convent School. It sums up very briefly the aim of the school viz. to lead the students to progress and success, in the Love and Fear of God, and in the firm belief that he alone can give us any measure of success in our lives.

The school authorities strive to give the students an unshakable confidence in God. God helps those who help themselves. The students are encouraged to do their best and to leave the rest to God. He alone is the giver of all good gifts. It is for us to labor, but God gives the reward. Students are encouraged to live their school Motto from day to day. It holds the secret of joy and peace of mind-the secret of success.

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